Now a day's security of email accounts is one of the major concerns for email users. As few days back we heard about the massive email account were hacked by the hackers. One of the biggest threats for email account users is spam emails which are being received every day. Now the question arises how spammers got your email address.

There are many possible ways from where spammers can get your email address. Some of the possible ways are as follows:

  • You might have registered yourself with any website with your Email address and from there your identity can be revealed.
  • Sometimes you click on some spamming ads which are being flashed on your computer and you register your information on email account.
  • Some of the spammers buy the list of real email address users from market.
  • Spammers also use "brute force" (dictionary program) methods like hackers to get email address.

Possible Outcomes from Spamming Emails:

Once the spammer got your email address he will start sending Phishi or Spam Emails to your account and if a mistake you ever clicked on these mails your account security will be at risk. As these mails may contain virus and malware which can compromise the security of account.

What can you do to avoid such issues in future?

  • Never provide your Email address to any non trusted source of website.
  • Use updated Spam filters with your Email address.
  • Never click on the mails which are being received in spam folder.
  • Use updated antivirus with your system.
  • Have Optimization and Cleaning of your system regularly.

If you will follow these simple steps than you will we safe from such Spamming or Phishing issues. If you are not computer savvy or you do not have much technical knowledge so you might not be able to take care of your system and feeling the need of any technical expert who take care of your technical issues than you may contact our technical support team and we will assist you in all your technical glitch. Our support lines are available round the clock for customer assistance.